Must Haves For Horse Properties

Horse properties have changed over the years and it is all about knowing what you want to buy.

With your horses, it is all about focusing on key components of the layout and then investing. Here are the things that matter most.

Proper Ventilation

Being able to let the horses breathe is a major requirement and not something to turn a blind eye on. You want to make sure the ventilation system is solid. This means you want to have a good amount of air coming into the stalls and you want to ensure it is easy to keep clean.

Lots of Space

The amount of space in the aisles and stalls does matter and is just as important as anything else with a new property. You want something that is solid, easy to manage and is going to give the horses ample room to move around if needed.

Top-Tier Lighting (Including Natural Light)

With a horse property, the lighting is going to have a role to play and you want to have as much lighting inside as possible. This is going to include natural light as the horses will not want to be kept in the dark. This can include windows and other open areas. For more information click here.

Good Drainage

The drainage system is important when it comes to a horse property so you don't have to deal with puddles and other issues inside. You want to keep things streamlined and that is going to include the drainage setup inside.

Look at how the piping is laid out and where the drains are. This is going to give you a lot of information on how the property was designed and the value it is going to bring as it ages. If you don't have a grasp of this part of the property, it is going to disappoint a lot.

Wash Stall

You want to have an area where the horses can be washed during the day. Now, this is going to vary from property to property but you want to have the opportunity to go with a location that does take this into account. A horse property without a wash stall is going to make it hard to deal with the daily washing that has to take place. Think about this as you pick out a new property in town. You want to have the wash stall in place and ready to go with a horse property.
As you look at getting a new horse property, there are many details that will come up and make you think. However, the details that have been mentioned here are the ones that are going to matter the most with a new horse property. If you don't have one of these in place then you will end up hating the investment and it will make things harder for the horses too. You want to keep things simple and this is a major investment for you and the horses. Look into these things and then invest.